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Sullivan on Comp

The most comprehensive and up-to-date digital resource on California workers’ compensation law for attorneys, adjusters, and other industry professionals


How much time do you waste combing through different resources? Or waiting for your colleagues to get back to you with answers?

Save countless hours by having all the information on California workers’ compensation law right at your fingertips.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

It’s like Google, but for California workers’ comp.

–Adam Dombchik, Co-Managing Partner, Gordon, Edelstein, Krepack, Grant, Felton & Goldstein

Who is it for?

For attorneys
Whether at your office, a deposition, or in court, Sullivan on Comp lets you look up any question or reference in seconds. This way, you’ll always be prepared, never blindsided, and can argue your case with supreme confidence.
For judges
Clarify points of law on the spot between parties during proceedings with easy look-ups in Sullivan on Comp to move cases along faster.
For adjusters
Reduce overwhelm and save time on research with instant digital access to everything you need to know about California workers’ compensation, written in plain English.
For claim supervisors
With the treatise and educational resources of Sullivan on Comp, your adjusters will stop relying on you for answers to trivial questions and start working more independently and efficiently.
For risk managers
Get direct access to the law in plain English to fully understand relevant legal issues when developing case-closing strategies with your claims team.
For workers' compensation program managers

Use Sullivan on Comp to design effective workers’ compensation claims policies, and ensure that your program complies with statutory requirements.


A 16-volume treatise

Comprehensive & up-to-date

No need to comb through legal statutes and regulations, legal cases, or a hodgepodge of Google search results to piece information together. This treatise contains the complete explanation of all the points of California workers’ compensation law, encompassing every case, statute, and regulation, and is updated monthly. 

Written in plain English

Sullivan on Comp makes it really easy to understand workers’ compensation law, even for new attorneys and claims professionals. You can also share information from the treatise in an email to a client, without having to rephrase it in simpler words, which saves additional time.

Easy to use

Find an answer to almost every question in seconds with a powerful search function. No need for a long query. Often, one to two words or an abbreviation are enough. Or browse the treatise through its table of contents or index.

Accessible from anywhere

Access the treatise whenever you need it, anytime, anywhere: at your desk or on the go. Being able to look things up and reference the law quickly regularly saves many attorneys and claim professionals who use Sullivan on Comp in critical moments.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

If I couldn’t use it I wouldn’t want to practice anymore and would just retire.

Sullivan on Comp has all the information I need—labor code, case law, and any additional supporting evidence—current and easy to be found with just a couple of clicks, helping me handle my case with confidence.

–Denise Claassen, Lien Specialist, Claims Examiner, Sedgwick


ChatSOC, your personal research and communication assistant

Spend less time on mundane tasks so you can focus on things where your expertise is indispensable. Speed up your research and written communication with ChatSOC—a powerful and dependable chatbot informed by the SOC treatise:

  • Get summarized answers to legal questions about California workers’ compensation.
  • Ask follow-up questions to get an answer that takes into consideration context-specific details.
  • Prepare text snippets to support your written communication or oral arguments.
  • Draft entire documents, from emails and memos to PowerPoint presentations.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Extremely quick and efficient

ChatSOC is extremely quick and efficient. Sometimes, it’s enough to enter a couple of buzzwords to get a thorough response to your questions, examples, and the relevant parts of SOC. I love how quickly it responds to my questions.

–Jamilla Harris, Managing Partner, Michael Sullivan & Associates


17 workers’ compensation calculators

Forget the yellow pads. Use our reliable calculators to determine benefits owed, date differences, life expectancy, etc. much faster and with greater confidence:

  • Rating String/Permanent Disability Calculator
  • Combined Value Calculator
  • Permanent Disability and Life Pension Payments (aka “Money Chart”)
  • Date Differences (The Wheel)
  • Life Expectancy Lookup
  • Occupational Code Lookup

View all calculators

  • Commutation of Permanent Disability
  • Commutation of Life Pension
  • Commutation of PTD
  • Commutation of Death Benefits
  • Temporary Total Disability Payments
  • Death Benefits
  • Present Value of Permanent Disability and Life Pension with COLA
  • Present Value of PTD with COLA
  • Present Value Calculator
  • Penalties for Late Payment of Medical Bills
  • Interest on Awards
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I use these calculators every day.

I love Sullivan on Comp’s calculators. They let you calculate dates, present value, permanent disability, life pension, and many other things I need in my everyday work. And they let you do commutations, too, which is amazing because we used to do those by hand, and it was tedious. I use these calculators all the time.

–Lisa Nichols, Senior Claims Examiner, BETA Healthcare Group

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

These calculators save us a lot of time

We have to do analysis for our reserves or for settlement rating reports daily. And being able to get those readings from the calculators makes it so much easier and helps us get things done more quickly. And the way they are set up is super straightforward and user-friendly. Just input your information and get your results with just one click.

–Rachael Ledger, Senior Claims Professional, Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I have these calculators open all day

I used other calculators in the past, but I like Sullivan on Comp’s calculators better. I use them all the time to calculate the rating, difference in days, present value, commutations, and so on. I have them open all day.

–Dana Sommer, Claims Supervisor, Athens


Additional resources

Over 75 professional education webinars

If you are a workers’ compensation attorney or a claims adjuster, use Sullivan on Comp to meet 100% of your continuing professional education requirements. Get access to over 75 MCLE, LSCLE, and CE certified webinars on legal updates, claims handling, PD rating, and more, with new webinars added monthly. 

In particular, these webinars provide:

  • Complete required post-designation training for California workers’ compensation claim adjusters, medical-only claim adjusters, and medical bill reviewers
  • Everything needed for your California MCLE or workers’ compensation LSCLE compliance, including the often hard-to-find 7 hours of California State Bar special requirements topics for attorneys

Monthly updates on changes to the law

Get monthly case law update emails that summarize important changes to the law. You’ll also get access to these resources through our website and app.


8,000+ California attorneys, adjusters, and other industry professionals use Sullivan on Comp to work faster and more efficiently.


Nothing is as accurate and saves me as much time as Sullivan on Comp.

There’s nothing that I’ve used before that is as accurate and saves me as much time as Sullivan on Comp. When you do a search on Google, which is supposed to be fast, it can bring up anything under the sun. But with Sullivan on Comp, I just type one to two words into the search, and it pulls up exactly what I am looking for because it’s so specific to California Workers’ Comp.

– Natalie Dempsey, Workers' Compensation Claims Manager, City of Sacramento - Risk Management Dept.


A one-stop shop that provides answers within seconds. A big time saver!

It’s hard to imagine practicing by going back to how I used to do my research: flipping through paper materials, using outdated books, or combing through Google search results, which is often helpless when it comes to work comp. With Sullivan on Comp, I have a one-stop shop that has answers to the most of my questions accessible within seconds. It’s a big time saver.

– Andrew Lockard, Partner, Hewgill, Cobb & Lockard, APC

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