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What is Sullivan on Comp?

At the core of Sullivan on Comp is a 16-volume legal treatise that contains the complete explanation of all the points of California workers’ compensation law.

Before launching it in 2011, the authors’ team spent five years reviewing every case, statute and regulation pertaining to California workers’ compensation law to craft a clear and well-founded presentation of all the concepts that this complex body of law addressed. They also reviewed all the other treatises that existed at that time to ensure no key concepts were left out.


“When I was a young attorney, I was very frustrated that the treatises available at that time didn’t provide guidance. Instead, they simply regurgitated confusing language directly from the cases. 

So ultimately, I wrote Sullivan on Comp for myself. As a practitioner, I wanted to think through the issues, from top to bottom. And in writing Sullivan on Comp, that’s what I’ve done.”

Michael Sullivan - About page

Michael W. Sullivan, Esq.

Lead author of Sullivan on Comp, General Managing Partner, Michael Sullivan & Associates

Apart from being comprehensive, the treatise is also well-organized and easy to read and use

The primary narrative, written in plain English, is easy to follow and contains citations, so authority for every statement is always clear and evident. A powerful search function lets you find answers in seconds. The tables of contents are well-structured, and there is also a content index.

Every month, the authors review new precedent and panel cases, legislative updates, legal bulletins, and court notices to identify changes in the law and keep the treatise current. After that, they prepare a monthly Case Law Update summary for readers.

Sullivan on Comp also has other features that help attorneys, adjusters, and other industry professionals do their jobs better:

  • 17 benefits calculators, including Rating String/Permanent Disability, Combined Value, Permanent Disability and Life Pension Payments, Date Difference, and Life Expectancy Lookup calculators
  • Over 75 professional education webinars that meet 100% of the continuing professional education requirements for workers’ compensation attorneys and claim adjusters
Denise Claaassen
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

If I couldn’t use it I wouldn’t want to practice anymore and would just retire.

Sullivan on Comp has all the information I need—labor code, case law, and any additional supporting evidence—current and easy to be found with just a couple of clicks, helping me handle my case with confidence.

–Denise Claassen, Lien Specialist, Claims Examiner, Sedgwick

The Industry Standard

Sullivan on Comp is ubiquitous. It has become the standard text used throughout the industry.

Nowadays, 8,000+ California attorneys, adjusters, and other industry professionals use Sullivan on Comp to work faster and more efficiently.


Growth of Sullivan on Comp users over time

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The Team Behind Sullivan on Comp

Michael Sullivan - About page

Michael W. Sullivan, Esq.

Lead author of Sullivan on Comp, General Managing Partner, Michael Sullivan & Associates

Mr. Sullivan is a bar-certified specialist in workers' compensation law and founder of a market-leading workers' compensation defense firm Michael Sullivan & Associates.

In 2011, as a lead author, he published the first version of Sullivan on Comp, a comprehensive treatise on California workers' compensation law to help the legal, insurance, and medical communities, as well as employers stay up to date with the law. 

Mr. Sullivan regularly conducts seminars and webinars, and co-authors white papers on significant topics in workers' compensation law. He also regularly speaks at professional conferences including the California Coalition on Workers' Compensation, the Association of Insurance Professionals, and the Public Agency Risk Managers Association.

Sure Log - About page

Sure Log, Esq.

Of Counsel, Michael Sullivan & Associates

Mr. Log, of Counsel, is a co-author of Sullivan on Comp and a specialist in workers' compensation defense and related labor law issues.

In his practice, he analyzes files for litigation and settlement, conducts research, reviews, records to facilitate completion of discovery, and drafts a variety of documents, including trial and appellate briefs.

Mr. Log was instrumental in a 2009 case that ended vocational rehabilitation in California. He regularly prepares seminar material and co-authors white papers on significant topics in workers' comp law.

David Chetcuti - About page

Prof. David J. Chetcuti

Workers' Compensation Claims Consultant and Instructor

David J. Chetcuti is a WCCP- and BPPE-accredited professor of California Workers' Compensation Insurance Law. He has taught the subject at several colleges and universities throughout the state.

Prof. Chetcuti has also partnered with Mr. Sullivan in conducting seminars and consulting with several clients.

He was asked to contribute to Sullivan on Comp because he has unparalleled knowledge of the workers' compensation field, understands interrelation of legal concepts, and is able to communicate complicated things in simple ways.

Michael Bell - About page

Michael Bell

Director of Sullivan on Comp

Before the launch of Sullivan on Comp in 2011, Mr. Bell served as the executive director at Michael Sullivan & Associates LLP. During that period, he was instrumental in establishing the Sullivan on Comp production platform and operational team. He also led sales and marketing efforts, which included managing its partnership with WorkCompCentral.

In 2017, Mr. Bell oversaw a major transition of Sullivan on Comp into a stand-alone website and service. His current role is leading the sales and operations teams and overseeing the development of new features.

Bethany Lien - About page

Bethany Lien

Account Executive

Bethany Lien brings a wealth of expertise to her role as account executive at Sullivan on Comp, boasting over a decade of experience in California workers' compensation. 

Throughout her career, she has collaborated with employers, workers’ compensation law firms, insurance carriers, and third-party administrators across the state. Her deep understanding of the industry makes her an invaluable asset to both our team and our users.

Ms. Lien is well-known for her dedication to client satisfaction. She has a great reputation among Sullivan on Comp subscribers for going an extra mile to help them get the most out of the resource.

Jennifer Mancusco - About page

Jennifer Mancusco

Account Executive

Before joining the team, Ms. Mancuso honed her skills as an associate underwriter at Rocket Mortgage, specializing in loan file analysis and regulatory compliance. She also managed events at Citizens Business Bank, overseeing everything from planning to execution. Ms. Mancuso is a vital contributor to our sales and marketing endeavors, actively involved in crafting sales strategies, managing marketing campaigns, and coordinating industry events.

Ms. Mancuso’s infectious energy and diverse skill set make her a valuable asset to the Sullivan on Comp team. Her commitment to excellence and client satisfaction is evident in every aspect of her work, making her a trusted advocate for our users.



Save time & reduce overwhelm to work more efficiently

Having instant digital access to everything you need to know about California workers’ compensation written in plain English as well as 17 benefits calculators will help you complete your daily tasks faster and with less overwhelm.

Always be prepared

Accessible from anywhere and equipped with a powerful search function, Sullivan on Comp lets you look up any question or reference in seconds. This way, you’ll always be prepared, never blindsided, and will be able to lead any discussion with supreme confidence.


Stay up to date

As a subscriber of Sullivan on Comp, you’ll get monthly case law update emails that summarize important changes to the law and help you stay up to date.

Continue your professional education

If you are a workers’ compensation attorney or a claims adjuster, you can use Sullivan on Comp’s webinars to meet 100% of your continuing professional education requirements.



Nothing is as accurate and saves me as much time as Sullivan on Comp.

There’s nothing that I’ve used before that is as accurate and saves me as much time as Sullivan on Comp. When you do a search on Google, which is supposed to be fast, it can bring up anything under the sun. But with Sullivan on Comp, I just type one to two words into the search, and it pulls up exactly what I am looking for because it’s so specific to California Workers’ Comp.

– Natalie Dempsey, Workers' Compensation Claims Manager, City of Sacramento - Risk Management Dept.


A one-stop shop that provides answers within seconds. A big time saver!

It’s hard to imagine practicing by going back to how I used to do my research: flipping through paper materials, using outdated books, or combing through Google search results, which is often helpless when it comes to work comp. With Sullivan on Comp, I have a one-stop shop that has answers to the most of my questions accessible within seconds. It’s a big time saver.

– Andrew Lockard, Partner, Hewgill, Cobb & Lockard, APC