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Your personal research and communication assistant that helps you work faster

What is ChatSOC

ChatSOC is a chatbot that has access to all the content of Sullivan on Comp. It gives you an answer to legal or procedural questions about California workers’ compensation in seconds by connecting the dots from different chapters of the treatise.

Rather than spending time going through different treatise chapters and piecing the information together yourself, you can simply ask ChatSOC a question and get an answer quickly, like you would from a human.

To refine the answer, continue the conversation by providing additional context and asking ChatSOC follow-up questions. Your exchanges with the chatbot will remain confidential.

How Does ChatSOC Help you work faster?

Get answers quickly

No need to comb through the list of search results looking for an answer. ChatSOC connects the dots from the different chapters of the treatise for you and gives you a summarized answer to your question.

Ask follow-up questions to get context-specific answers

Need a more specific answer? Describe the situation to ChatSOC in greater detail and continue the conversation to get clarity, discover new opportunities, or get suggestions on strategies to pursue.

Draft entire documents in minutes

Writing a letter to a client or an opposing counsel? Need to prepare a presentation or deposition questions? ChatSOC provides you with a well-informed starting draft that helps you create your document or prepare your oral arguments much faster.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Extremely helpful and saves a lot of time

I’m using ChatSOC for all sorts of purposes, from confirming my understanding of the law in a given situation to getting a list of steps required to proceed in a particular case. I find it extremely helpful. The way it synthesizes information from multiple chapters into a single concise response saves me a lot of time.

–Chris Bloch, Associate Attorney, Michael Sullivan & Associates LLP

How does it work?

Here are some examples of how you can use ChatSOC in your daily practice.

Answer questions about the law or procedure
  • When does the clock start to accept or deny a claim?
  • What is the max temporary total disability amount for a 2021 date of injury?
  • Must a treating physician report be served on the claims adjuster and the defense attorney?
  • What are the documents I’m required to submit at a mandatory settlement conference?
  • What is the difference between a petition for reconsideration and a petition for removal?
Prepare text snippets to support your written communication or oral arguments
  • Write the introduction paragraph to a record summary of SDT records pertaining to a prior work injury obtained from XYZ Insurance Company.
  • List everything to consider to assert an initial physical aggressor defense.
  • How to explain a Stipulated Award to an injured worker?
  • Outline each of the injury presumptions applicable to public employees.
  • Explain the post-termination defense continuous trauma claim.
Draft entire documents, from emails and memos to PowerPoint presentations
  • Draft deposition questions for a psyche cumulative trauma claim in a California workers’ compensation case.
  • I am drafting an advocacy cover letter to a qualified medical evaluator. The case is denied, and the applicant has been working for a new employer for the past year. Prepare a list of questions for the qualified medical evaluator to shift liability onto the new employer's carrier under LC 5412 and 5500.5.
  • Write a blog post on the Appeals Board's continuing jurisdiction to enforce an award of medical treatment.
  • Give me bullet points for a 25-slide PowerPoint on the injury presumptions applicable to public employees. For each slide, give me a primary point and 3 to 4 sub-points.

ChatSOC is included with every SOC subscription plan.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Extremely quick and efficient

ChatSOC is extremely quick and efficient. Sometimes, it’s enough to enter a couple of buzzwords to get a thorough response to your questions, examples, and the relevant parts of SOC. I love how quickly it responds to my questions.

–Jamilla Harris, Managing Partner, Michael Sullivan & Associates

Why you can trust ChatSOC

Informed exclusively by trustworthy sources

ChatSOC’s answers are informed by Sullivan on Comp’s 16-volume treatise, a reliable and trustworthy source that contains the complete explanation of all the points of California workers’ compensation law and is updated monthly.

Rigorously tested for accuracy

We have a rigorous test process in place to ensure the accuracy of ChatSOC’s results. Additionally, you can always verify whether an answer is accurate by clicking through the links to the relevant parts of SOC that ChatSOC provides, along with all its responses.


Your conversations with ChatSOC remain confidential and can be only accessed by our product development team, which uses the chat transcripts solely for improving the quality of the responses and treats them as confidential.

“Initially, ChatSOC was our little secret — an exclusive tool that attorneys at Michael Sullivan & Associates couldn't get enough of.

Before releasing it broadly, we tested it extensively in-house as well as with other groups of industry professionals. Their enthusiastic endorsement and reports of increased productivity and more streamlined workflows reassured us that ChatSOC will become indispensable for all SOC subscribers.

Indeed, ChatSOC is a unique tool that makes navigating the complexities of workers' compensation law as easy as chatting with a colleague.”

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Focus on things where your expertise is indispensable.

Let ChatSOC handle the rest.

ChatSOC is included with every SOC subscription plan.