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Sullivan on Comp is Moving to Its Own Platform on February 1st!

Starting February 1st, "Sullivan on Comp," currently hosted on, will be hosted right here on

Other than a new location, very little will change. You will have:

  • the same user name and login,

  • the same expiration/renewal date,

  • the same renewal date and book replacement schedule.

Corporate subscribers will receive replacement desktop icons. (Until then, current ones will work by forwarding you to this site as an already-authorized user.)

And, if you are also a WorkCompCentral subscriber, you’ll be able to go back and forth between SOC and with a single click, while staying logged in to both.


Individual User Questions

Where do I go to login?

Beginning February 1st, you’ll see a login link in the site's navigation bar at the top of the home page. Your existing email address and password will work.

Will I be able to change my password?

Yes. It will be easy to update in the account settings any time.

Can I still access "Sullivan on Comp" at

The SOC links at WorkCompCentral will forward you to, the new subscription host.

Will my subscription renew without interruption?

Yes. Same SOC content, but in a different web location.

I subscribe to both "Sullivan on Comp" and Can I go back and forth between sites?

Yes. Each website will provide links to the other for joint users to navigate easily between them while staying logged in.

What if I want to change the credit card on file when I renew?

You may update the information in your account settings any time you like.

Will I still get my annually updated books?

Yes. 2017 Update books are in production now and will be issued on the usual schedule.

What chapters are being updated in 2017?

  • Chapter 15

  • Chapter 16

  • 2017 Supplement (covering significant updates in all other chapters)

  • Table of Contents/Index Book

I just recently renewed. Do I have to pay again to be on the new platform?

No. You pay only on your annual renewal date.

Will my card get charged because of this transfer?

No. Your card is charged only once a year, on the date of your subscription renewal.

How will "Sullivan on Comp" charge my credit card at renewal?

To facilitate a smooth transition and uninterrupted service, WorkCompCentral will securely convey the information it has on-file regarding your account to "Sullivan on Comp". This includes your name, contact info, password and credit card number. If you don't want that to happen, please notify WorkCompCentral at (805) 484-0333 on or before Jan. 20, 2017.

Will "Sullivan on Comp" have its own customer service number?

Yes, call us at

Toll-Free: +1 866 458 8762
Remember: +1 866 I LUV SOC

Or email for assistance at: 


Corporate User Questions

How will the desktop icons work?

Corporate users will receive replacement desktop icons. Until then, the current icons will work.

A representative from "Sullivan on Comp" will reach out to your company’s administrative contact to implement this change.


Webinars and Training Certificates

How will I get records of attendance for educational courses I’ve taken in the past?

For any webinar you’ve taken before Feb. 1st, 2017, obtain certificates directly from Records are kept for five years after you complete a course. Contact them online or by calling (805) 484-0333.

I missed a past webinar I would like to view in the future. Will I be able to do so after February 1st?

Yes. The new "Sullivan on Comp" platform hosts the archive of past SOC webinars.

Records regarding certificates for any webinar you view after Feb. 1st, 2017, no matter when it originally aired, will be maintained on the "Sullivan on Comp" platform after that date.

Will "Sullivan on Comp" continue to present webinars?

Yes. Webinars produced by the "Sullivan on Comp" team will continue on a similar schedule as in the past.

How will I register for webinars after February 1st?

Register for webinars broadcast after Feb. 1st, 2017 on the new "Sullivan on Comp" platform.


Purchases, Subscriptions and Renewals

How do I subscribe to SOC after Feb 1st?

Subscribe right here at

How do renewals work?

When you subscribe, you choose whether to purchase only print books; only online content; or both.

At the one-year anniversary of your subscription, your card is charged for renewal. Each year, in early spring, updated books are printed and automatically forwarded to all hard-copy subscribers. Online content is updated monthly.

How do I know if my set of books is up to date?

View the infographic showing the 2016 updates to verify your set matches.

Will you continue to sell individual books?



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