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Settling Cumulative Trauma Claims Involving Multiple Defendants

Posted by Sure S. Log on May 17, 2022 3:57:09 PM

Pursuant to Labor Code 5500.5(a), liability for a cumulative trauma injury is limited to employers who employed the worker during the one-year period immediately preceding the date of injury (LC 5412), or the last date of injurious exposure, whichever occurs first. Multiple employers or insurers can be liable for a cumulative trauma injury. An employee can choose to obtain an award for her or his entire CT injury from one or more employers for whom they have worked within the preceding year (LC 5500.5(c)).

LC 5005 also allows an employee and any employer to enter into a compromise and release (C&R) agreement settling all or any part of the employee's claim in cases involving cumulative trauma or occupational disease. If an employer settles all of the applicant's cumulative trauma claim, it may resort to contribution proceedings against all remaining defendants. If an employee and an employer settle only part of the worker's CT claim, the worker may recover from other defendants for the portion of exposure not released. So, in cumulative trauma claims involving multiple defendants, the terms of a C&R will determine whether the employee or the settling employer has ongoing rights against the remaining defendants.

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