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Temporary Disability Benefits Due To Covid-19 Stay-At-Home Orders

The COVID-19 pandemic has had significant financial consequences for many employers and employees. Due to the overall need to protect the public at large from the spread of COVID-19, the state of California and many local governments have issued stay-at-home orders, closing nonessential businesses or allowing them to remain open only if their employees could telecommute. Many businesses were forced to shut down during the stay-at-home orders, and many employees found themselves out of work.

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URGENT REPORT: Villanueva v. Teva Foods: Control by Criminally Charged Provider for the Purposes of LC 4615 Stay

In 2016, the California Legislature passed two bills to combat workers' compensation fraud, AB 1244 and SB 1160. As a result of this legislation, per LC 4615, any lien and any accrual of interest related to the lien, are automatically stayed on the filing of criminal charges against a physician or provider for an offense involving fraud against the workers’ compensation system, medical billing fraud, insurance fraud or fraud against the Medicare or Medi-Cal programs.

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URGENT REPORT: Civil Claims Against Utilization Review Physicians

The exclusive remedy rule limits an employee's remedies against an employer for injuries sustained during the course of the employment. The purpose of the exclusive remedy rule is to protect the employer's side of the compensation bargain. Under the compensation bargain, the employer assumes liability for industrial personal injury or death without regard to fault in exchange for limitations on the amount of that liability. The employee is given relatively swift and certain payment of benefits to cure or relieve the effects of industrial injury without having to prove fault but, in exchange, gives up the wider range of damages potentially available in tort.

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Sullivan on Comp is Moving to Its Own Platform on February 1st!

Starting February 1st, "Sullivan on Comp," currently hosted on, will be hosted right here on Other than a new location, very little will change. You will have: the same user name and login, the same expiration/renewal date, the same renewal date and book replacement schedule. Corporate subscribers will receive replacement desktop icons. (Until then, current ones will work by forwarding you to this site as an already-authorized user.) And, if you are also a WorkCompCentral subscriber, you’ll be able to go back and forth between SOC and with a single click, while staying logged in to both.

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Welcome to the Sullivan On Comp blog!

This is the place to keep up-to-date with the latest news and information about our Sullivan On Comp publication. Please take a minute to subscribe to our blog, which will allow you to receive alerts for upcoming posts and learn more about our comprehensive California Workers’ Compensation treatise.

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