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SOC Webinar 3rd Quarter Update - 2017

Join us for the live SOC Webinar 3rd Quarter Update - 2017

Breakthrough Thinking in Causation of Injury and the Rice Case - Part 2

Presented by Dr. Mark Hyman, internist and author, and Michael Sullivan, workers' compensation attorney and author of Sullivan on Comp.

Change forever the way you evaluate the issue of industrial injury, with this exciting new perspective. You’ve heard of the Rice case and the concept that genetic factors can be the proper subject of apportionment to permanent disability. In our last webinar, we presented the empirical evidence for environmental factors and their impact on the assessment of apportionment. Now hear Dr. Mark Hyman discuss with Michael Sullivan the in-depth research on the relationship between environmental factors and causation of injury. Learn about which physical mechanisms and other external influences cause injury — and which can’t.

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Live Quarterly Webinar Q3 2017 - Breakthrough Thinking in Causation of Injury and the Rice Case - Part 2


The Sullivan on Comp Webinar Series is comprised of:

  • 12 monthly case law update webinars
  • 4 quarterly webinars, each focusing on specific topics

Webinar attendance earns CE credits for attorneys, WC adjusters and WC bill reviewers. Monthly webinars are .5 hours of credit each; quarterly are 1.5 each. (Occasionally, additional webinars are also presented following significant changes in the industry.)

These webinars are an included benefit of subscribing to Sullivan on Comp online and are not available any other way.

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