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Service of Qualified Medical Evaluator Panels

Handling Pending Appeals Following Earley v. WCAB

Special Report: Appellate Court Invalidates WCAB's Practice of Granting Reconsideration for Further Study

Request for a Replacement Panel Pursuant to Romero

Special Report - Kuciemba v. Victory Woodworks, Inc.: Employer Does Not Owe a Duty of Care to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 to Employees' Household Members

Special Report - Nunes v. State of California, Dept. of Motor Vehicles: Vocational Apportionment Invalid

Credit for Overpayment of Permanent Disability

WCAB Extends Time Limit to Use Voucher Due to COVID-19

Unpublished Opinions Are Not Citable

What Constitutes a Timely Denial Under LC 5402(b)?

Requesting Consulting Physicians Within an MPN

Special Report: Revisions to Medical-Legal Evaluation Regulations

Striking a Qualified Medical Evaluator and the Mailbox Rule Revisited

Vocational Evidence and LC 4660.1(c)

WCAB Holds That Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) Is an Insidious Progressive Disease

WCAB's Denial of 132a Claim Does Not Bar Civil Claim Under FEHA

Analysis of Senate Bill 1127

California Workers' Compensation Bills

Receipt of a Request for Authorization by a Defense Attorney

Liability for Cumulative Trauma Injury Under LC 5500.5

DWC Announces In-Person Walk-Throughs Starting Sept. 6 2022

Time Extensions for Petitions for Reconsideration

Special Employment and Union Workers

Settling Cumulative Trauma Claims Involving Multiple Defendants

Statute of Limitations for Death Claim Resulting From Cumulative Trauma Injury

Designating Address, Fax Number or Email Address for Utilization Review Purposes

DWC Announces In-Person Trials Starting March 21, 2022

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Issues Warning Regarding the Use of 'Non-Submit' and 'Evidence-Based' Medicare Set-Asides

How to Navigate Electronic Service

Establishing Permanent Total Disability with Medical and Vocational Evidence

DWC Announces Virtual Hearings Starting Jan. 12, 2022

WCAB Adopts New Rules for Remote Hearings, Electronic Service and Meetings Prior to MSC Effective Jan. 1, 2022

Derivative Injury Rule Does Not Shield Employers from Civil Claim for Family Member's Death from COVID-19

Authentication of Video Evidence at Trial

Cancelling An AME Agreement

Compensability of Injury From Government-Mandated COVID-19 Vaccination

MPN Access Standards If an Employee Chooses to Treat with a Specialist

DWC Announces In-Person Trials Starting Oct. 1, 2021

Accumulation of Permanent Disability Awards to Body Regions Under LC 4664(c)

Consolidation of Cases for the Purposes of Discovery

Actual Event of Employment Under LC 3208.3(b)(1)

Applied Materials v. WCAB: 6th District Court of Appeal Holds That Physician Misconduct Is Compensable, But Upholds Fitzpatrick

Obtaining the Voucher After Settlement

QME Evaluations Via Telehealth

Employer-Provided Vaccines and Workers' Compensation Liability

Temporary Disability Benefits Due To Covid-19 Stay-At-Home Orders

Gund v. County of Trinity: Application of the Exclusive Remedy Rule to Members of the Public Assisting in Active Law Enforcement

Remote Depositions in Response to COVID-19

The Impact of The Families First Coronavirus Response Act on Employers with Fewer than 500 Employees

WCAB Emergency Actions in Response to COVID-19

DWC Orders Modified Hearing Calendar and Change in Filing Procedures

Special Report: Workers' Compensation Liability For The Coronavirus

Urgent Report - Skelton v. WCAB: No Temporary Disability While Attending Medical Treatment Appointments

Liability for the Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit

Are Saturdays Business Days for the Purposes of Utilization Review?

URGENT REPORT: Villanueva v. Teva Foods: Control by Criminally Charged Provider for the Purposes of LC 4615 Stay

URGENT REPORT: City of Petaluma v. WCAB (Lindh): Apportionment to Risk Factors

Case Law Updates for November 2018

URGENT REPORT: Civil Claims Against Utilization Review Physicians

Case Law Updates for April 2018

What Qualifies as a Request for a Medical Evaluation Pursuant to Labor Code 4060?

Use of the Fifth Amendment in Workers' Compensation

Case Law Updates for March 2018

Case Law Updates for February 2018

Case Law Updates for December 2017

Case Law Updates for November 2017

SOC Webinar 3rd Quarter Update - 2017

Case Law Updates for October 2017

Case Law Updates for September 2017

Psychiatric Impairment Under Labor Code § 4660.1(c)

Case Law Updates for August 2017

Can the Deposition of an Injured Worker's Spouse be Compelled in Workers' Compensation Proceedings?

Case Law Updates for July 2017

Sullivan on Comp Publishes “Special Report: SB 863 Five Years Later” E-book

Sullivan on Comp Supports Save the Rhino

Case Law Updates for June 2017

SOC Webinar 2nd Quarter Update - 2017

Case Law Updates for May 2017

Case Law Updates for April 2017

SOC Webinar 1st Quarter Update - 2017

Case Law Updates for March 2017

Case Law Updates for February 2017

Sullivan on Comp is Moving to Its Own Platform on February 1st!

Case Law Updates for January 2017

Case Law Updates for December 2016

SOC: Q4 Webinar Update registration now available!

Case Law Updates for November 2016

Case Law Updates for October 2016

Case Law Updates for September 2016

Case Law Updates for August 2016

Sullivan on Comp Updates for July 2016

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